MetaBull – New way for Android App cloning and secure managing

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The security issues of Android platform and Android app cloning needs is more and more valued nowadays. We have found a new way for app cloning and secure managing, the project named "MetaBull". You can use MetaBull for app secure managing and app cloning, with more than 20 secure managing abilities for make up company's security. If you have any interest about this project, contact us for further information.

App Cloning Ability

MetaBull have fully app cloning ability and app secure managing ability, you can fully control the application you just cloned or installed your way.

Xposed Module Support

MetaBull have Xposed Framework support ability, you can install Xposed modules to MetaBull without rooted or bootloader unlocked. You can use your own module or download Xposed modules from internet and install them to MetaBull. The Xposed modules will take effect over app installed or cloned to MetaBull.

Variable App Secure Ability

MetaBull support shelled app unpack and DNS forward, just like hosts and youpk, you can conduct your security investigation on MetaBull. Apps into MetaBull will all under your control, deciphering the disguise of apps and see them in naked.

App Security Tools

You can crypt your app region and prevent it from scout of cops, neither cops and you can't decrypt the data in MetaBull without password. This files cryptography feature only provide in pro version or paid SDK.

Security Sign

For company security, we support end-to-end encryption for avoid sensitive data leak and block from spying. You can setup a electronic fence and data will only be readable in the area you setted, your staff will not bring data outside of your company, all data will be destroyed out of the area. Each data your staff decrypted will delete safely after they knock off.

Business server we provide can record the data decrypt action, if your confidential data leaked, you can trace to the source. Data encrypt and decrypt ability only provide in paid SDK.

Easy Customer Care

Somehow your staff will swipe out your customers because of their inappropriate chatting, you can make a chatting specification for your staff and enforce it by MetaBull, reduce your customers losing from now on by MetaBull!

Free Version of MetaBull: Download V1.0 ( Click Here )

For develop or business corporate, contact us for further information.

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