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If you just install Xposed Framework on your phone, do you think that you should download lots of Xposed modules to your poor storage tight device? Is there any software you downloaded from internet that create junk files into your internal storage file system? You are a developer of Xposed Framework, need a framework can come into force while you just save your edit? Here we come! Your app governor with super power: XGovern.


Install XGovern to your Android phone, activate it into your Xposed module manager or MetaBull Module Manager, you can now be a governor of your softwares.

App Hook Script

You can edit hook script in XGovern, add application from menu, click the app you added, add a hook definition from hook browser, you can make your own script of your softwares and enforce immediately.

XGovern Homepage

Function Editor

You can download XGovern for these hook script features, XGovern is easy use and easy govern.

You can import a script from your friend, share your own script through long click on app list, even change the title and author of the script.

Enhanced Scoped Storage

Lots of apps will request permissions like "All Files Access" and "Write External Storage", it will pollute your device's internal storage with junk files and folders. Like analysis purpose SDK log files and cache files won't be removed even you uninstall such softwares, now XGovern can help.

Junk files of analytic SDK
Junk folders of analytic SDK

Somehow you got to be monitored if you don't know what a spying analytic SDK can do, junk files not only pollute your internal storage, but also leak your privacy. App will store your unique advertisement identifier in your internal storage and share it to other softwares with storage management permission, it can leak your privacy like your shopping record and your social circle. App manufacture will share your data by your ad identifier and your private photos they uploaded, things will getting worser if you don't stop them.

One-Key scoped storage

Now you can force enable app's scoped storage by XGovern, just click Sandboxed Virtual Storage from menu and click ok, you will get your privacy safe. App won't take your privacy anymore, neither pollute your internal storage.

On-Time Xposed Module Effect

Xposed modules will not take effect before you reboot your device, you can only activate XGovern and let XGovern to manage other modules, then you will get effect on-time.

On-Time Xposed Modules


You can download XGovern here (click here)

XGovern is free, no fee, just enjoy it and protect your privacy now.