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Threats from the East -- China in particular, are more prominent today. From spy balloon to spy mobiwares, especially embedded "Anti-Fraud", now being the mainly threaten of democracy and liberty. Don't worry, you can choose our security service to protect your privacy, and swipe away the spywares on your phone like TikTok.

China Spy Balloon

Each time when you open TikTok, your private information will be collected STEALTHY. Your privacy data will be lost and be transferred to Beijing. This is why the Beijing government can become increasingly arrogant. Beijing has ALL your privacy, and you may being monitored by Beijing.

Spy Balloon

62V has rolled out a privacy data access record & block solution, if you install Chinese spywares to 62V Security Region (available for Android premium SDK), 62V can help you find out the privacy theft.

TikTok will collect all your privacy data as soon as you launch it, now captured by 62V Security Region:

Captured Privacy Access Records
Your Privacy Data

Even the notorious spyware: Facebook by Meta, will only collect minimized privacy data of your device.

Privacy data that FB collected

This is why TikTok knows all your whereabouts, and this must not only for ads analytics purpose.

MetaBull can capture all malicious behavior of spywares, then filter it and only let spyware get spoofed data to protect your privacy.

Now start to use MetaBull, secure all your privacy in private. We provide the most efficient software virtualization solutions, also security investigation solution, you can conduct all your security research on MetaBull.

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